“Amanda is a talented and compassionate therapist. Her sensitivity, creativity and ability to put her clients at ease contributes to her effective approach to resolving client problems.” Erika Fay, MA, LMFT November 5, 2009

"With 10 years of clinical experience, Amanda has proven herself to be an outstanding therapist. She is able to relate equally well to children, families and couples. Amanda also has a demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations and has the ability to put the people she is working with at ease.  Amanda is able to acknowledge differences and work positively toward the greater goal. Her amazing insight and sensitivity to all populations have led her to be a gifted clinician."  Beth Yaney, MSW, LSW June 13, 2010

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Amanda and observing her work with individuals, children, and families for the past ten years. She creates a compassionate, safe, and non-judgmental foundation for treatment and provides person-centered care attending to the specific needs and expectations of her clients. Whether it’s individual work with a teenager, family work with a young child and their parents, or working with a struggling couple needing to figure out their next steps; Amanda is adept at understanding the dynamics and complexities clients bring to treatment. She’s successful at quickly connecting to her clients, developing an understanding of their goals, and working through those issues and needs collaboratively.”  Jon Ferguson, MS, LMFT July 9, 2010

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